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In Fannish Review: Uh. I was on a Fandomspotting podcast? And worked on it generally behind the scenes, though that was earlier in the year and not nearly as much as other folks. Also I watched/read some things and posted about them.

In RL Review: I moved to Chicago, was unemployed for a while, got a job, got an apartment, got a roommate, got a cat, got a therapist.

There's a lot I didn't do - make serious headway on my book and my comic, find some freelance gigs, do more fannish stuff, make friends outside of work. And there was some stuff that fucking sucked - two of my cats died and my grandparents are sicker. But, as my therapist keeps reminding me to remind myself, overall it's been a busy, successful year.

Things to try for in 2013: Get out more. Continue working on creative projects. Post more, even if it's random faffing. Get my ears pierced*. Take care of myself.

* Two in each lobe and one on the right upper helix. Why start small?

For all y'all - I hope your good things carry over, your bad things stay in 2012, and may you have a fucking awesome New Year.
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