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I've been rocking the hermit lifestyle lately - go to work, come home and read/draw/play minecraft/watch cartoons, go to work again - because 1) it's hot outside and 2) I'm broke.

My parents + sibs (Dallas, 105 degrees) and [personal profile] nepenthe (Phoenix, 113 degrees) have no sympathy when I complain about 90 degree weather, but! It's less hot, sure, but still too hot to do much walking around.

Case in point: I went to Navy Pier with my Aunt and second cousin on Monday. We rode the Ferris Wheel, played some mini-golf, and rode the water taxi - it was fun! I also sweated buckets, made some poor eye-rubbing choices, and ended up with an eye infection. It was... super gross, you guys. Just, ugh.

Case in point 2: Dad visited a couple of weeks ago and we went on the absolutely fabulous Architecture Boat Tour. And got majorly sunburned. I've only just stopped peeling.

Now, you might say sensible clothing, less eye makeup, and sunscreen would have prevented all these things and... you'd be right. Moving on!

It's starting to cool down, at least - weather forecast says that we're heading into 80-85 degree days, which is much more my speed. So I need to 1) make a list of stuff to do and 2) get some exercise in. I haven't been walking as much and I'm starting to feel it.

First item on my 'Adventur' (100% stolen from [personal profile] copperbadge) List: The Adler Planetarium's having a Curiosity landing party! The Adler Planetarium's also impossible to get to, especially at midnight, so I will... stay home and have my own landing party. Virtually! With alcohol and snacks and [personal profile] nepenthe and possibly my Dad. And anyone who's online and watching, of course. Google chat for everybody!
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