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Really, really great. It dosen't help that the only people who read this journal are the ones I talk to regularly anyway...

Berkeley was great, I'm back in Texas, school starts the 22nd. I just uploaded my first fic for [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge here (Edit from 2009: aha, it's still there. My god) - the Clamp Campus Detectives one will go up on Wednesday, after I've finished it. I ended up putting all my extra time into the A'A Prime fic and the deadline kinda snuck up on me... The CCD story I have (almost) ready to go is a much abbreviated version of what I originally had planned. I'll just consider it a place holder, I guess, until the (much) longer one is finished.

Whee. It's so totally time for bed - I'll post a behind the scenes type thingy for the A'A Prime fic tomorrow. Probably .
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