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* The Roommate of +10 Confusion (Calvin & Hobbes/FoxTrot, gen): There must be some scientifically sound way for Jason Fox to be able to quantify his new college roommate, but he hasn't found one yet that fits. Especially when he factors in the stuffed tiger. || What is it about C&H and FT that crosses over so well? Aside from the whole 'blond boy geniuses' thing.

Perforations (Discworld, gen): Drumknott thinks the world chiefly needs fileboxes which are not so flimsy. Vetinari thinks about this and tries out some new ideas.

The Ill-advised Skeletal Exchange Programme (Discworld/The Nightmare Before Christmas, gen): Death has temporarily exchanged places with his pen pal, Jack Skellington. Susan is, understandably, Not Impressed (though the Death of Rats finds the whole thing hilarious).

* The Wheel and the Serpent (Gunnerkrigg Court, gen/bob): Zimmy has always been the Minotaur lost in her own maze, but her Theseus is kind.

* desert island, gun to your head (Kitchen Confidential, Teddy/Seth, Teddy/Steven): Sane is relative in every kitchen Teddy's ever worked but never more so than now. || THIS IS SO GOOD. Definitely in my top two (so far) - it's messy and complicated and rough around the edges and GOOD, did I mention? Author warns that it's 'Potentially triggery for slight dubcon, unspecified mental health concerns, and canon kitchen violence.'

* In Tequila Veritas (Lost Girl, Kenzie/Hale but mostly Kenzie/Awesome): Four times Kenzi didn't drink alone, and one time she did. || Kenzie and Trick were the only thing's keeping me watching Lost Girl by the end, I'm glad they got some love this Yuletide.

* The Thief, the Pook, His Strife, and Their Troubles (Lost Girl, gen): She was nowhere near insane enough or drunk enough to hit on someone or something who was as likely or not to see her as a snack, still for a potential Kenzivore, this guy was cute.

* Soldiers, Soldering On (Mulan, gen): Several days in the life, a.k.a. What The Movie Neglected To Show You.

* What To Do On A Day Off (Oglaf, OFC/OFC): Two guards and a mid-tier bureaucrat find their day off interrupted by an unusual problem. All in a day's work for the employees of the Mistress. || Beautiful crack. Oh, Oglaf.

* The World Inverted (Persona 4, Naoto/Rise): Naoto broods, thinks about Souji, and gets goaded into taking Rise out on a date. || Lovely look at Naoto's gender expression and thought processes.

* Lady Lazarus (Runaways, Chase/Gert): Gert's back from the dead but she's not feeling quite like herself. || There needs to be more resurrected!Gert fic. And resurrected!Alex fic, while I'm wishing.
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